Our Achievements


1.    Successfully completed a project to analyze the sensitivity of air quality parameters with respect to changes in point source Energy Generating unit emissions in parts of South Eastern United States. Worked with Baron Advanced Meteorological Systems (BAMS), LLC on this project, in collaborations with local VISTAS researchers and Department of Energy Oak Ridge National Laboratory. This was an interesting project which tried to combine the an emission pre processor SMOKE and a power dispatch model ORCED with a photochemical air quality model (CMAQ) to evaluate the impact of environmental benefit by adopting energy conservation and renewable energy sources in the area of interest. This work resulted in an award of appreciation from Department of Energy, ORNL.


2.    Also worked on a CCOS (Central California Ozone Study) related project to analyze the sensitivity of CAMx model output to different sub grid scale terrain effects. Submitted ( accepted) one paper as a primary author and another as co –author on the topic at CMAS 2007.


3.    For support to a real time hydrological forecast system for a client, developed a successful real time operational radar QPE enhancement system using available surface observation. A full cycle software development is performed for this work, starting with


a.    researching the algorithm,

b.   building a prototype,

c.    testing the prototype,

d.   tailoring the prototype to fit in the operational requirement of the project,

e.    building the operational software package,

f.      testing and implementing the package,

g.   prepared user manual and training documents,

h.   performed operational readiness demonstration,

i.       full implementation and validation

j.       customized the output for different end user application


4.    Performed QA/QC of historical dataset ( meteorological and hydrological) to be used for operational model calibration/validation effort.


5.    Performed Calibration of an operational distributed hydrological model (TOPLATS: TOPMODEL based Land Atmosphere Transfer Scheme). Supported BAMS development of an automatic TOPMODEL calibration tool named TOPACALS.


As a consultant, acquired and improved skills on full cycle software development, including, design, prototyping, testing, integration, validation and documentation. Also improved skills on geospatial data processing on any grid (or ungridded point data) and in any format. Research interests include using remotely sensed data for end user modeling and product/forecast improvement, numerical filter design and spatial/statistical data processing and merging. Please view this website www.dniconsultants.com to learn more about us and the services we offer.