Services We Provide

We provide a variety of data and image related services to our            
customers.  Our services mainly involve consulting on use and         
source of data for clients, data and image processing and                  
analysis and associated software development. The breadth of         
services provided can be listed as:

If you are interested to learn more  about are services, please            
send your queries to and someone           
will contact you within 24 hour of your enquiry.
Data Analysis
Image analysis and retrieval
Data Quality control and assessment
Designing numerical filters
Full service software development for data
analysis. Includes, designing, prototyping,
building the model, testing, performance
analysis, documentation and tutorial.
Technical support for all delivered services
and software products.
Consulting on remote sensing data and
Preparing educational material on any
project, including but not limited to user
manual, technical report, tutorial and training
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